Friday, July 24, 2009

Reverse Sexism-How About a Little Male Objectification??

When I first started this blog, I wanted to write about bad ass women who have kicked ass and taken names, but I also wanted to feature a few men who love those bad ass women. Such men who can handle wild and unruly women are one of a kind and deserve a little air time, don't you think?! So my post today is all about a man who is near and dear to my cold, cruel heart.

The other day I mentioned on twitter that I was going out to dinner with my boyfriend, and a twitter friend (@cocosmalls) mentioned that she wanted a picture of him. I discussed the idea with my boyfriend, and he told me that I could take a picture of his muscle and post it online, but that was it. (He is very discreet because of his job, as am I myself regarding pictures). Needless to say, my lil friend wasn't happy with the idea of just a muscle.

Nonetheless, at dinner I tried to take a picture of his arm because he was wiggling around and wouldn't flex his muscle. He claimed that he felt like I was "objectifying" him:

His comment about feeling "objectified" started the wheels turning in this devious head of mine. Over the past couple of weeks, I've seen a number of commercials or advertisements that over-objectify women and are pretty sexist as far as I'm concerned. Take the Sprite commercial, for example, where the girl is giving a man a blow job and is shot in the face with a big burst of sprite. So, I started thinking and I came to the conclusion that if men can objectify women then we women should do it more often to men.

I sat down and explained to my boyfriend that I thought that it would be a really excellent idea for me to create some home-made advertisements where I treat him like a piece of meat. In the beginning he didn't want to take any pictures, but as soon as I began to explain my idea that I wanted to flip the script on objectification...then he was all game. Like I said, it takes a special man to deal with a crazy ass woman and her whims.

A large bottle of Cristal champagne fell out of the sky and into my lap this week in order to celebrate a couple of large scale work gigs that I've pulled off over the past two weeks.

So I figured I would use the bottle in my first series of male objectification advertisements. Check out my first advertisement:

What do you think my caption should be??

What a good sport, don't you think? Stay tuned for some additional male objectification advertisements. (Well, if the boyfriend continues to play along, that is!) Hats off to @cocosmalls for the creative inspiration.


X said...

Hi, I am also a blogger of blogpost, I just saw your blog thru subscription to your twitter, may I ask you how do you put the tweet thing in your blog post? and how do you put the "you might also likes" things into blog? I may looks a bit impolite to ask questions so directly, anyway, Thank you in advance.

X said...

For drawing your attention, you might like this one, might not.


Miss Unconventional, Latina Fatale said...

I'm heading off to work--but check back later and I will explain. On the "you might also like this"--click on the linkwithin and you can actually add it to your own blog there. They do it for you. The tweet this, I will explain later. (It's not used much though).

X said...

Thank you for your reply, then I will concentrate on tweet things.

X said...

Thank you for your reply, then I will concentrate on tweet things.

X said...

Hi, I think I just install tweeter function to by blog, it works well, abut it does not works the way like your blog, so, a information share is still appreciated. Thanks, good luck.

laguy800 said...

hmm weird. either your boyfriend is topping you from bottom or he is crazy insecure. i mean what guy feels objectified for merely flexing a muscle lol doesn't pass the smell test to me.

Miss Unconventional, Latina Fatale said...

Oh please, topping me from the bottom? First off, he's not a submissive. Second off, we have a strange sense of humor. I highly doubt that he actually felt objectified.

Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. said...

Hello! I'm a new follower, which I feel is only fair since you have outranked me in the Google results for "Reverse Objectification"

Well done! I am awed.