Sunday, November 9, 2008

~In Search of Bad Ass Women~

I've been long frustrated in my search for wicked, wanton, renegade, and rebel women. It seems as if I always read about the "usual suspects" that are frequently found on feminist and/or women's history blogs. I often notice that there are many Latina, Asian, African American and other women of color who are often frequently not represented on the blogs. I am going to try my best to include as diverse a group as possible in my search for bad ass women, although I will probably also blog about the "usual suspects" that are frequently discussed in other places.

I've had a lifelong love affair running in search of bad ass women. Until this day, my efforts have been half-assed and piecemeal, but I would like to start to begin to collect them in a central location. I often run after one bad ass, and then leave her behind for another. Hopefully this blog will help me to stick with one bad ass until I learn enough about her to write a post before I embark on another journey with another bad ass.

I want to go beyond blogging about historical figures who lived in the past. I want to also blog about the women in my life who have influenced me, current women in various spheres of society, international figures, artists, bad-ass female protagonists in literature and film, and bad ass women as portrayed in music. I would also like to blog about the unconventional relationships that some of the bad ass women have had, as well as the men who have loved them. It takes a special kind of man to love a woman of ill repute, so they deserve a special consideration.

I am an unconventional woman myself, a sexually liberated woman and left-leaning political radical. Expect that I will write about the unconventional whores of the world, as well as women who have bucked political and social convention. If you are a prude, you might not enjoy my choices. I hope the rest of you do!