Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just Who is this Mary Kay Lady?

I've always considered myself to not be one of those "hair and nails" girls who are constantly obsessed with makeup and looking in a mirror. Of course I wear makeup and fix myself up, but I'm not overly concerned with reapplying my lipstick throughout the day when it has worn off. So, I've not really paid much attention when women at work are selling Mary Kay makeup or Avon, except one time about ten years ago when one of my co-workers used Mary Kay product me which I did happen to like but never ended up buying.

When I recently was sent a copy for a review about the "true" story about Mary Kay over at Wild Women Reviews, I admit that I was initially inclined to pass it off to someone else on the team because I wasn't interested in reading about cosmetics. But then I started thinking that I AM interested in females who takes business by the balls and are successful, so I decided to read the book. Although it wasn't something that I would normally read, I'm glad I did.

I still don't know much about Mary Kay, the woman who created a billion dollar cosmetic company. The book just adds more mystery to her and makes her sound like a complete bad ass with disposable husbands. So naturally I am going to start investigating more about her and learning just who this woman was . Meanwhile, head on over to Wild Women Reviews and read my review of the book.