Monday, July 27, 2009

What's on Your Bookshelf??

I live to read novels with feminist themes and/or novels with bad-ass female protagonists. I am currently reading "Memoirs of an Ex Prom Queen", which I will blog about when I am finished reading. It is an earlier feminist novel written in 1972 and so far it has discussed the following subjects: date rape, sexual harassment, abortion, marriage, female sexuality, menstruation, infidelity, education and career choices for women, and so on. The book is really bringing up some memories for me regarding boy-girl relations we have as children, as well as dating experience in high school.

Last week I received a ton of other feminist books and I am dying to read them as soon as I finish the prom-queen book. Some of the books I've read, while others I am re-reading because I read them years ago in college. I ordered:
I've also ordered others, but they aren't coming to mind at the moment. 

I asked the following question on twitter this morning, so I suppose that I will also pose it here as well:

What are your favorite feminist novels or novels that have a bad-ass female protagonist? They can be any genre, any time period...I'm interested in getting some suggestions for additional reading material! Leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

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