Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Suheir Hammad: "Not Your Erotic, Not Your Exotic"

I am a HUGE fan of the political activist and spoken word poet, Suheir Hammad. She is so talented and amazing! This is one of my favorite poems that she has performed, which talks about how women of color are eroticized and exoticized.

Can anyone else relate to this spoken word?

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R. Fouda said...

Haha... It's Just a blink!.. Get over it!:D
La-la-LOVE IT!!:) She has the fluency of a GAD DAMN..BAD ASS RAPPA! BAD ASS FEMME INDEED!
Thanks alot for posting this!
N Thanks for Stoppin by! Glad u like it!:)

Wicked Bitch, Latina Fatale said...

Yes, that's the best part!

She is so great! I am going to post some of her other stuff too!

No problema, I look forward to seeing more of your art!