Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Movie: Julie and Julia

Yesterday I watched the video Julie & Julia, a movie based on the book "Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously". Interesting enough, I had never even heard about Julia Child until I watched the movie. I've told this to a couple of people over the past day and people are shocked that I have never heard of Julia Child, but I suppose this may be a cultural thing because my mother was always cooking her own home-cooked meals with a latin flavor and was never really interested in owning a cook book.

I haven't had a chance to read more about Julia Child, but I found the movie to be interesting because it details the adventure of a blogger who writes a blog about her challenge to cook over 500 of Julia Child's recipes in one year. While we watch the story of the blogger, we also see a parallel story about Julia Child as she struggled to write and publish her cookbook.

According to the movie, cooking was primarily a male dominated field in France and Julia Child struggled to get into a cooking school. After she attended school, she co-collaborated on a cookbook that would teach U.S. women how to cook french food. At the time she was turned down by numerous publishing companies because her book was too long and the publishers wanted her to condense the book. Julia stuck to her guns and eventually the book was published.

The storyline is an interesting storyline of struggling female writers who continue to persist in their writing until they get a big break. I thought that at times the storyline dragged on a bit too slowly, but nonetheless I enjoyed learning about Julia Child as well as watching a contemporary blogger develop her writing as a blogger.

What was especially fascinating to me though were the two male roles in the story, Julie the blogger's husband and Julia Child's husband. Both men were very supportive and encouraging to their wives and sometimes took a back seat to their wives' writing and career. Males who support successful women are often hard to come by and are near and dear to my heart, so the two male characters really jumped out at me.

Have you seen or heard about the movie? If so, what do you think about it?


RosieRed23 said...

I've heard about the movie (and I have heard of Julia Child before, haha), but haven't seen it yet. It's in the queue though. I think Julia Child's story is pretty interesting.

Marga Britto said...

I was specially fascinated by Julia Child's Husband, Paul. There is a scene at the beginning when they just arrived in France, and they are at this restaurant where she shares with him a bite of her fish, and Julia is just overwhelmed with the deliciousness, and cannot express a complete sentence, and Paul look at her with this devotion that in only seen in real true love, and says: "I know". This pure connection of the two of them and his unconditional support, as well as his "mission" to please her, is just amazing. Paul was the best character of the movie, from my point of view.
Merry Xmas WB, talk to you soon.

Wicked Bitch, Latina Fatale said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies!

@Rosiered-I am going to have to learn more about her because I know nothing other than what was in the movie!

@marga Yes, I agree--Paul was my favorite character. I loved that scene, but I also loved the scene during Valentine's day at the table when he was talking about meeting her. I love to see roles of men who are so devoted to women! Merry Christmas to you!=)