Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Would You Like in Your Coffee??

OMG this is too funny! polkadotjunkie put the link in my post that I wrote the other day about my boyfriend's mother telling me that I should serve him a plate of food:


Anonymous said...

Hey lil bitch. me again. just here to piss on you -it's what I like doin'. Please, tell us how bad you are. the world awaits your every fuckn word. oh wait, you really are a bad-ass. you goin' to tell people you are infertile. that's really bad. you one scary, crazy bitch. don't wanna mess with you, now that you've said you're infertile. you sure scared me. Now I really think you bad. Oh, and the uploaded youtube vids -now that is some badass shit. oh yeah, you bad.


Now be a good lil bitch and make your boss some coffee. file some reports.

and shut the fuck up.


Wicked Bitch, Latina Fatale said...

You obviously await my every word because you visit my blog frequently, read what I write on other blogs, and so on. I know you can't resist me because you obviously can't get enough of me. My comments are moderated and I don't have to show your comments, so I am not sure if you actually think that you are sideswiping me with comments. I have actually been publishing them because I thought that you would be of entertainment value to me, but sadly you are not with all of your repetitive rhetoric. You obviously didn't read my twitter directive today for you to have a little fucking originality. So, until you decide to link your comments to your blog, twitter, website, etc - I will not be responding to you anymore. Have fun hanging on every future word I say online because I know you'll still be following me like a sick little puppy. I can't blame you. P.S. You use the word bitch too much, and it loses effect.