Saturday, October 24, 2009

Down With Judgmental Feminists

Something happened online today that has irked me. I will not call out a certain person, because I don't really want to publicly flog another woman. (Well, unless she's a right-wing neocon or something).

Nonetheless, I am pissed at a certain online feminist who has been continuously making negative statements about certain women. I'm tired of her snide remarks about prostitutes and women who she considers to be whores.

I suppose that I am in that whore camp, say it loud and say it proud bitches. I've have my fun in the past with no-strings attached affairs, I've dabbled in online affiliate porn marketing, and I know a ton of people who work in the sex industry.

It's really funny. At one point, this feminist threw a passion party and discussed that she really loved it. Ohhhh rreeeeaallllyyy? I'd pretty much classify the lady who is selling the sex toys at that passion party to be a big ole legal sex worker.'m.concerned. So, this judgmental bitch employs a sex worker and then turns around and slams women who are in the sex industry? Ridiculous.

I've had my share of this type of judgmental feminist in real life and online, thank you very much. It's always hilariously entertaining to me when they blog or talk about certain women in the past, read the books or poetry of certain women, obsess over women artists, and then turn around and criticize openly sexual women. I practically roll around on the ground laughing my ass off because most of the famous women who they are talking about were scandalous and indulgent whores. Hehe.

There's no fun in being a jealous little prude!


C said...

Your post speaks to me. I come from a family and background that looks down on women liking sex. However, they expect men to be studs? Who are they fucking each other? No someone's daughter, sister, cousin, mother!!! So if you can say a man is a stud, then you can be okay with a woman who enjoys her body and sex. I hate double standards!!!

Wicked Bitch, Latina Fatale said...

Me too. In the latino culture, it's perfectly acceptable for men to be womanizers, but women are supposed to be perfect little things.

Anonymous said...

Can you still even call yourself a feminist if are unable to feel even the least bit of empathy for women who are taking a different path in life?

Personally, I blame reality tv for spreading around the judgement virus that has everyone hating on each other.

Anonymous said...

shut the fuck up, douchbag. you ain't no mothafuckin bad-ass. Ahm the bad-ass up in this bitch, bitch. you think you educated? shit, you ain't nothin but skanky-ho. fuck you. you think you know something about shit? you think your shit don't stink? you ain't wicked, you ain't a bad-ass. In seven fuckin years you'll be forty, and ain't no one going to read your stupid fuckin blog, biotch. old, lame, wrinkled, saggin-titties, over forty, nagging lil biotch. hahahahaha. suck on that, bitch.

Wicked Bitch, Latina Fatale said...

Am I supposed to be offended? I didn't think so. It's always funny that the people who try to talk their shit always do it anonymously. Typical of sorry ass losers.

For the record, yes, I am ten times as educated as you, more than likely. And yep, I'm a big self-proclaimed whore. (Is being called a whore supposed to be an insult?)

Absentminded Oracle said...

It is shame stupidity didn't remain quiet as well as anonymous. If she/he/dumbass had a name I would totally go after the