Monday, August 31, 2009

Labor Day Book Giveaway

In honor of the upcoming labor day weekend, I'm giving away the children's book ¡Sí, Se Puede! Yes, We Can! Janitor Strike in L.A. written by Diana Cohn.

The book is a fictional bilingual story about the Los Angeles Justice for Janitors Campaign in the year 2000 organized in part by labor activist Dolores Sanchez. The book tells the story of Carlitos' mother as she goes to work every night as a janitor after she tucks him into bed, only to see him again briefly in the morning before he goes to school. One day Carlitos' mother comes home and tells her son that in order to make more money and buy medication for his grandmother, she must go on strike. Carlitos watches his mother make union speeches on television, and one day Carlitos goes to the picket line carrying a sign, "I love my mamá! She is a janitor!"

This book is a great book about working class Latina and immigrant labor activists!

The giveaway will end at 8:00 Pacific Standard Time, this Wednesday.

To win-(participants have the potential to submit their name in the raffle up to four times):
1 entry: leave a comment with your email address

2 entries: leave a comment about your favorite female labor activist

3 entries: tweet about the giveaway (please leave a comment with your twitter link) 4 entries: blog about the giveaway (leave a comment with the link to your blog)


Anonymous said...

I am interested in the book!

Anonymous said...

sounds interesting.


Nadege said...

Hey BA Femme. This book sounds
very good. So good I will just
buy the book to read to my
niece and her little friends.