Thursday, June 10, 2010

So Why Again Do you Like Being Single, Freak???

I've definitely never have been a Danielle Steel fan, but this morning on Good Morning America (or whatever show I was watching) I was quite impressed when I heard that she has sold over half a million copies of all her books, and that all of her books have been on the bestseller list. So I'll qualify her today as a bad ass, although she writes stupid romantic books. And by the way I'm making an assumption that she writes stupid romantic books, because I've only read one stupid romantic book of hers when I was a teenager and I'm just making an assumption they are all like that. So what the hell do I really know? But talking crap about shit that I know nothing about seems to be a habit of mine when I am raging from major PMS.

One thing though that really irritated me about the whole interview was that although she has sold bestseller titles of every single book that she has written, the interviewer began talking about her nine children (or was it six) and then suddenly turned to the topic of her being divorced.

This is me paraphrasing my shady memory of the conversation:

"So I heard that you like being single. Why is that?" the interviewer asked with what I perceived as a condescending smile on her face. Well, because as you know, those of us who actually like being single MUST be freaks.

"Because I'm able to do what I want, when I want. I can eat what I want. I can wear what I want and don't have to listen to someone complaining about my dress. I can have friends and not have someone complaining that they don't like my friends", Danielle Steel said. Now remember, I am paraphrasing from my PMS and forgetful memory, but at least I'm getting the general gist across of the discussion.

The interviewer then launched into a discussion of Danielle Steel going on blind dates. And the entire time I just felt like there was a subtle air of condescension in the tone of her voice.

Why do I really give a shit about Danielle Steel being single? And I can't even remember the last time that I heard someone ask a man to justify why they enjoyed being single. Why the hell would you even ask someone WHY they enjoy being single if they in fact had stated that they enjoyed being single? The whole act of asking someone for clarification as to WHY they enjoy singlehood subtly implies that there is something abnormal about enjoying being single.

What they should have been discussing is the new book that Steel was there to promote, or maybe about how damn genius she must be to crank out three books at a time and still achieve best seller status with every title. But no, none of that really matters because we've got to discuss why exactly Steel likes being single.

Rock on Danielle and keep writing your silly (I think. But what do I know?) bestselling books!

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Joy-Mari Cloete said...

It's good to know about the principle of charity when listening to the radio. The interviewer did what any good interviewer would and should do: they interviewed someone by asking questions.