Friday, January 8, 2010

Looking for Writers

I just figured that I would blog about something that is on my mind-

My partner in crime has asked me to collaborate with her on an internet project and I am really excited about it. I am going to finance the project a little and do some of the creative aspect of it. I feel like it has a lot of potential and I am really excited about it. I'm really committed to throwing in the dinero on this one, and I've already managed to get a couple of investors.

So, basically in a nutshell, we are going to soon be looking for writers who can blog/write about a variety of topics: technology, education, politics, sexuality, books, finance, movies, literature etc. We're looking for people who are trying to get experience being published and want to get a little experience behind their name to put on their resume. 

We would prefer people who would be able to write a couple of articles per month-maybe three or four. One of the themes about the whole thing is going to be diversity and bilingualism. You don't need a lot of experience with these topics, because we can provide more direction to you. The pay will be very minimal as we are starting up, which is why we are looking for people who are looking to get their foot in the door and gain experience with writing, as opposed to making the big bucks.  People who can write in two languages would also be greatly appreciated.

I'm really excited about this project and will be working on conceptualizing things and getting stuff up and running. If you are interested or would like additional information, please email me at

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The Absence of Alternatives said...

I just want to congratulate you on the beginning of a worthy project and to wish you and your partner in crime good luck!