Thursday, January 28, 2010

It Looks Like Someone Has Daddy Issues

Years ago when I was an undergraduate at the university, I remember the Jewel album "Pieces of You" came out. At the time I can remember hearing the song "Daddy" for the first time, and it was so liberating because it was one of the first times that I had publicly heard someone give a big "fuck you" to one of their parents. If you read my previous post about my mother, then you know what I'm talking about.

I just found the song on youtube and it has Spanish subtitles:

I love how she calls out her big ole hypocrite dad. Now that I am a little older, I just realized that it reminds me of one of my very favorite poems by the bad ass poet Sylvia Plath. Sylvia Plath pretty much socks it to her dad also. I wonder if this poem influenced Jewel's song:

Purchase the Daddy song by Jewel

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Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

AWE SOME! Yes....calling out the "family of origin" shit is so liberating. Almost as if saying you can't oppress me anymore.