Monday, January 11, 2010

Confessions of an Office Politics Queen

Yesterday I wrote how I verbally slapped the hell out of a meddling bitch who constantly undermines me. I sent a pretty aggressive email message that told her that I didn't appreciate her insinuations that I wasn't doing my job when the dumb ass was the one who had failed to include me in a project.

It was a pretty rough day today after having sent that email. I had already been called into the head honcho's office on Friday because of an email that I sent that she complained about, so I was sure that I was B-u-s-t-e-d with a capital B. I was thinking all day long about how I would be able to weasel out of it all day.

I started to doubt what I did, wondering if I had acted in an unprofessional manner and was perhaps being a bit too direct and aggressive. I was confused and doubting myself all day long.

And then I got the telephone call from my boss that he wanted to see me in his office at 2:00 sharp. I admit that I was a bit nervous about the conversation that would take place because I wasn't sure how he was going to react.

I admit that my email was pretty aggressive. Not only did I send the aggressive email, I decided to cc it to the head man in charge, my boss, two of her equals, and three people who worked below her. My strategy was three-fold:
  • I wanted to show the bitch that I am not afraid to bitch slap her in front of her boss, co-workers or employees. I suspect that because she is older than me, she views my 33ishness as being weak somehow. 
  • I wanted to scare the hell out of her three employees who are my equals. I figured that if they saw me bitch slapping their boss that they would think twice about also undermining me, which they have been doing. I also know that one of them is a huge gossip, and I am hoping that my bitch slapping behavior will be told to a few other assholes in their department who have been undermining me for the past two years. 
  • I wanted her boss to see what a big asshole she is. I knew that I was risking looking like an asshole myself, but I figured that it was worth the risk because I suspect that she is pulling the wool over his eyes.
Before I went to see my boss, I checked my email in order to see if she had emailed me back. It's lucky for her that she hadn't because I am having a challenge keeping my attitude in check.

So there I sat, in the parking lot, wondering what my boss was going to say or do to me. I sat there slightly doubting myself, wondering if I had gone overboard. But then I just thought, "To hell with it. I said what I said, and I stand by my actions".

You'll have to wait to see what happened next because I am so exhausted that  I can barely see these letters anymore. Until tomorrow!


feministified musings said...

seriously, your leaving this as a cliff hanger? you *are* wicked. :)

The Absence of Alternatives said...

AHhhhh... NO.... Cliff Hanger....

Well, though it has happened, the talk between you and your boss, I am keeping my fingers crossed that whatever I will be reading today (almost 3 am 'cause I am catching up on commenting...) will be good news. Keep up the good fight.