Thursday, October 8, 2009

Three Smart Asses You Should Meet

I love smart asses. So here are three smart asses that you might want to get to know:

Absentminded Oracle: She's a smart ass, a meanie and can be as feisty as hell at times. I'm so delighted in her smart ass behavior that yesterday we just discussed awarding *Team Mean* awards to bitchy bloggers. Absentminded Oracle is a psychologist and can drink like a sailor. You might remember her from her guest post here on Nikki Giovani. She also goes by @pinksugacupcake on twitter.

Single Mom Survives: She's another smart ass who can make any sailor blush with that feisty mouth of hers. She's funny as hell and has a strong snark streak. Even her little four year old daughter is following in her footsteps! She blogs a lot in a smart ass way about issues with being a single mother. Single mothers are near and dear to my heart, and most especially so when they are of the obnoxious persuasion! She goes by @singlmomsurvives on twitter.

Mely Speaks
: She's a newly single mother who blogs about being newly single and is currently hitting the pavement looking for a job. I have tons of fun reading her blog! Mely is an undercover sex kitten and oh wait, is she really undercover? You can find her on Mely Speaks and she also writes for Sex and the Mom. She goes by @melysas on twitter, but you will need to send her a request to follow her because she recently protected her updates when she found out her mother was reading her twitter stream and had a meltdown over what she saw!

Do you know of any other smart ass bloggers??


Keyona said...

I like smart-asses as well. I'll check them out.

Single Mom Survives said...

I f-ing love you. And by that I mean I fucking love you.

Wicked Bitch, Latina Fatale said...

excuse me, single mom, your gutter mouth is insulting my sensibilities

Ariana said...

orHi -
I ran across your blogs sometime last week. (I think I had googled feminist blogs, I can't really remember,anyhow, and yours came up.)

Moving on, I've enjoyed reading what you have to say, and thanks for the links. Oracle has me laughing out loud. Like, for realz. <3

Wicked Bitch, Latina Fatale said...

Thanks for the kinds words, ariana!!