Saturday, October 3, 2009

Book Giveaway: Frida Kahlo

I just remembered that I tweeted that I was going to have a Frida Kahlo book giveaway, and then I was packing for vacation and I completely forgot. If you are not familiar with Frida Kahlo, well all I can say is that she is the biggest, baddest female artist of Mexico. She was a very unconventional woman, to say the least. In fact, in the past I started to blog about her here and here. So here goes:

I will be giving away the book Frida: The Biography of Frida Kahlo by Hayden Herrera to THREE readers. In order to participate in the giveaway, please leave a comment about 1) why you admire Frida or 2) another bad ass bitch that you admire, and what it is exactly that you admire about her.

Your name can be entered into the drawing an additional time if you tweet or blog about the giveaway. If so, please leave an additional comment with the url of the blog or your name on twitter.

The giveaway will end next Saturday, Oct 10, 2009 at midnight. The winner will be posted here Sunday morning. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I am interested in the book!!

linda l.

Jamie said...

I admire Frida Kahlo's art, I saw the movie by Julie Taymore, but I know little else about her. She seems a true warrior of her pain and her art. Her self portraits showed the world that a woman is so much more than a mule and a brood mare.
--Jamie (@USSWylie)

Wicked Bitch, Latina Fatale said...

She is so amazing! I am a wimp compared to all that she went through.

Anonymous said...

I admire that frida broke her back and she survived all of the painful things in her life!


JustSomeClown said...

I admire Frida for so many reasons, but mostly her strength in dealing with horrendous physical and psychic injuries. Her fabulous art is a bonus.

Walking Queen said...

I like Frida because I think that he art is beautiful.

Riddle in a Rhyme said...

Frida is quite inspiring as a woman, artist and person..!