Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Class is in Session!!

Lately I've been feeling an uncontrollable itch to get back into touch with my roots in teaching. Although I'm currently in the field of educational administration/management, I have been a teacher at the elementary and middle school levels. As all good educational administrators know, that itch to get back into the classroom never quite goes away. If you are glad to be out of the classroom, then you more than likely were a crappy teacher who shouldn't have been in the classroom in the first place, and definitely don't need to be in charge of a school site or school system. 

Working as an administrator in an urban school setting has its challenges, which includes working with a variety of people with different views, including some conservative people. As an administrator, I have publicly stated that I am a feminist a few times and the majority of people actually look at me in shock and/or awe. (Administrators are obviously supposed to be bland, boring people who don't have a life and don't rock the boat). 

I have a position that many other people in the institution would love to have, so I've decided that it is in my best interest that most people know the least amount of information about me, including some of my political views. Everyone knows damn well that I'm a political leftist and feminist, but I've decided to be selective in what I publicly say. I have begun to learn that the less I say, the more leverage I have because people don't know what to expect from me. Not to mention that it is often quite irritating and a major buzz kill to discuss feminist issues with a bunch of women and/or men who tend to buy into the traditional notion of gender roles. 

So I have decided that I will scratch my itch here on the blog, and kick off a couple of posts about teaching and/or raising children from a feminist perspective. I tend to get on these rants with certain topics, so let's see how long this will last. (Remember when I was on my Frida Kahlo kick? Well, I'll get back on that bandwagon sooner or later!). I'm most definitely not a mother, so my posts will be more from a teacher's perspective as to which resources are out there for parents who would like to raise strong, independent, and confident daughters as well as non-sexist boys. 

Stay tuned for my first post tomorrow about my favorite children's book that turns traditional gender roles upside down and provides an independent role model for little girls. Maybe, just maybe if you're lucky I'll even have some give-aways because I've got tons of resources that I have refused to give away over the years. 

Now, pardon me if I excuse myself because I've got a feminist agenda to spread. Knowing the perverted circles that I run in, some of you will probably expect me to be cracking the ruler on your asses to keep you in line. I just might do so, if you're lucky!! 

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